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Why should I use EDP Systems over the other big name payroll companies?

First and foremost we are dedicated to personalized, professional service and guarantee our service to you 100%.

We are locally owned and as our client you can choose to drop by or talk to us anytime during normal business hours.  We will gladly answer your questions promptly or get you the information you need quickly and with accuracy.

How much will my payroll cost?

Our payroll fees are based on the number of checks each week or bi-week and are competitively priced.  Your fees will remain the same each cycle with no “surprise” fees.

Will I pay for set-up or changes to my payroll?

No, set-up and changes are included.  And, we do not charge you for new hires or terminations.

Also, as part of our service to you, we will report all NEW HIRES to the respective state agencies as required by state law.

Will there be additional charges for Quarterly Reports or Year-end W2’s?

No, Quarterly Reports and W-2’s are included in your weekly/bi-weekly pricing.

Do you offer Direct Deposit?

Yes, we do offer Direct Deposit.  Employees can deposit into as many as 9 different checking, savings and loan accounts.  This service is billed separately and is noted on our Price Schedule.

What if I have an employee who has Child Support Payments or Levy’s.  Can EDP send these payments directly?

Yes, we offer third party filings for Child Support, Levy’s, 401k Agents and Garnishments.  This service is available and billed separately as noted on our Price Schedule.

We also offer you another option.  We can cut your third party checks and you can send them to you for filing.  We would then add these checks to your weekly check charge.

How do I know my taxes are paid correctly and on time?

That is part of our 100% guarantee.  If a payment is paid incorrectly or late due to our error, we pay the penalty and interest.  If you receive a Notice, we answer it.  Our accuracy rate is over 99% when it comes to paying taxes timely and accurately.

Do you offer paperless reports?

Yes, you can choose to have your payroll paperless.  We securely send you all reports and summaries in PDF format, password protected via email.

Can employees receive their paystubs via email as well?

Yes, we offer E-Stubs for employees who have direct deposit and these are sent individually to the employee with password protection.

If I decided EDP Systems is right for my company how long does setup take?

Generally, we can have you up and running within 5-7 business days depending on the complexity of your payroll.

Do I need to start at the beginning of a new year or quarter?

No, we can start your payroll at any time during the year or quarter.  You provide the historic data for employees and we will add that information to your data going forward.

What happens if we have another disaster like the 2008 ice storm that paralyzed portions of Massachusetts?  Will our employees be paid?

We have off-side emergency processing in place in case of disaster or prolonged power outages and, in fact, this was tested and proved successful during the 2008 ice storm.  We reached out to our clients who were affected and all payrolls were delivered timely and employees received their paychecks with minimal inconvenience.



EDP Systems, Inc.  is a member of the American Payroll Association and North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce


EDP SYSTEMS | Professional Payroll Service
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